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International Association of Bedding and Furniture Labeling Officials

About us


ABFLO (Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Officials) was founded in 1936 and the name was changed to IABFLO (International Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Officials) in 2003. The association is made up of government officials (regular members) who are responsible for the enforcement of consumer oriented bedding and furniture laws in their respective states and industry (associate members).


IABFLO strives and actively promotes uniformity in laws, terminology, test methods, and enforcement procedures within the various state programs.

Uniformity, particularly with respect to terminology on the law label, balances the rights and responsibilities of industry and the consumer.

When generic terms are used to describe filling materials, industry derives a measure of fairness in a competitive market and the consumer is able to shop wisely by comparing like materials.


Our goal is to have one set of laws that would govern the bedding and furniture industry worldwide with one law label that would be acceptable to all.

To achieve these goals we feel there must be open, honest communication between manufacturers and the officials that enforce the laws in every state. We encourage professionals from industry to become Associate Members of IABFLO so that they may have the opportunity to have direct input on the policies that may effect their industry.

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